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ComSync EFI – One box does it all!

The ComSyncEFI system is unique in that it offers complete engine management in one system.  It includes electronic fuel injection, ignition control, 8 wide band O2 sensors and complete data logging.  The ComSyncEFI system has the ability to prevent burnt pistons by sensing the exhaust gas temps and if a cylinder burns hot it will automatically richen that hole, but if it senses a higher than normal EGT for six engine cycles it turns the fuel and spark off for that cylinder.

  • Assured high quality and dependability
  • Engineered to high standards
  • Tested under extreme conditions

Ahead of the Competition


Customers all over the world are benefiting from the ultimate performance possible with the ComSYNC EFI System.

Ahead of the Competition

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ComSync EFI is the premiere performance management company in the racing industry.

  • Dyno Services
  • Engine Management Installation
  • On-Track Tuning Services

ComSyncEFI Features - Sell your Racepak, Sell your Mag, Weigh less, Costs less, Win more!

  • COMpletely SYNChronous to Crank Position Data collection at all RPMs for more accurate data.
  • Sequential timed multiport injection for up to 4 injectors per cylinder or 32 channels
  • Individual cylinder timing control and Individual cylinder fuel control table
  • High performance sensors [map sensors, O2 sensors, and speed sensors]
  • Rev Limit by either fuel, ignition or both
  • Fuel Timing to the nearest millionth of a second
  • 134 Megabytes of RAM (3.35 million cylinders) data logging for ease of tuning, no need for a Racepak
  • Programmable with Windows PC, or laptop
  • Super fast 32 bit CPU, executes over 480 million instructions per second
  • 115 kilobit RS232 communications10/100 ethernet communications
  • 12 bit A/D converters (up to 4,000,000 samples per sec
  • 11 channels of digital data acquisition
  • Timing retard vs Time curve from launch.
  • Individual cylinder overheating control with EGT over ride controller
  • Up to 8 Wideband O2s (UEGO) open or closed loop on individual cylinders or groups of cylinders 1, 2, 4, 8  V8 or 1, 2, 3, 6  V6 or 1, 2, 6  V12 sensors setups.
  • Records all data from each cylinder firing plus up to 95 channels total.
  • Custom accelerator pump control
  • Onboard Barometric Pressure sensor for automatic altitude correction
  • Cold Junction compensation for up to 12 thermal couple inputs, Turbo inlet temps plus any other high temp reading.
  • Software for 12, 8, 4, and 6 cylinder odd or even fire
  • Radiator Fan control
  • Advanced fully programmable Boost controller with over ride controls
  • In field upgradeable 4 megabytes of reconfigurable flash memory
  • Data display software with playback and shows where the engine is on any table at that point in the run.
  • 3D graphs for Fuel, Auxiliary fuel and 6 Timing tables
  • 8 stage Nitrous controller with 2 low or High impedance drivers per stage
  • 32 Individual Low or High impedance injector drivers with 4 banks and peek and hold controls for each bank.
  • Ignition Timing to the nearest .1 degree (50.0 to 0 Degrees)
  • Auxiliary Fuel table for Hat or upstream fueling.
  • Separate stage and 5 gears timing control
  • Separate ignition Rev Limit for stage and 5 gears with spark control
  • Injector Turn on Timing curve to time fuel delivery with valve opening
  • 268 Megabytes of FLASH (6.7 million cylinders) data logging for ease of tuning, enough to store your entire year.
  • Completely programmable and adjustable with engine running at any RPM
  • Complete recalculation of fuel, ignition and injector timing every cylinder
  • 12mb USB communications
  • CAN 2.0B
  • 44 channels of analog data acquisition
  • 8 RPM channels – Engine, Driveshaft, Input shaft, Wheel speed, 2 Tubor tachs, 2 Flow meters.  Some can be repurposed.
  • Up to 12 independent spark trigger outputs 4 cylinder to V12
  • Individual cylinder overheating shutoff with EGT’s
  • Fuel modifier for each gear, shift retard settings and shift light settings for each gear.
  • Programmable MAT correction factor
  • Trans-Brake Delay and Two Stage Bump Box controller.
  • Onboard Battery voltage monitoring
  • Distributor less ignition system using high power IGN1A or GM ignition coils, no Mag required
  • 2 Electronic Throttle Controllers
  • Fuel pump Controls
  • Output for Digital Dashs and custom dash
  • Real time onscreen data tracker for faster engine tuning
  • 24 additional low or High impedance drivers for Shift controller, Boost Controller, Trans-Brake Delay/Bump controller and 8 stage Nitrous controller.
  • Bluetooth Enabled for wireless communication to PC or Laptop
  • Automotive grade, water tight, high amperage, reliable connectors.


Available in any size to fit your needs. Fittings, hose, and custom applications available Custom software and components available


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